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"Messages from Space" Concert: NSPO Celebrates 30th Anniversary
with NTNU Dept. of Music's Annual Performance


NARLabs' National Space Organization (NSPO) teamed up with National Taiwan Normal University to celebrate the space entity's 30 anniversary since its founding in 1991.The concert "Messages from Space" was held on May 10th at the National Concert Hall.

Since its founding, NSPO has seen each of its children – FORMOSAT-1, FORMOSAT-2, FORMOSAT-3, FORMOSAT-5 and FORMOSAT-7 – all launch upwards to live out their mission in space. Regardless if the signals returned are good or poor quality or if achievements were large or small, each project advanced NSPO's foundation and capabilities. To tell the space journeys of these satellite constellations that carry with them the nation's hopes and dreams, musicians have turned the satellite signals into musical notes, hence event's name "Messages". This orchestral experience was first started in 2019, when NSPO commissioned the creative mind of Ms. Chao Ching-Wen, adjunct professor of NTNU's Department of Music. Being the first time ever both parties recorded together, it premiered during that year's winter break at the National Taiwan Science Education Center to wish well the soon-to-be-launched FORMOSAT-7.

Today, both NSPO and NTNU once again brought an eloquent, sci-fi musical event, inviting the Ministry of Science and Technology, legislators, foreign representatives, the scientific community and others to enjoy at the most prestigious venue, the National Concert Hall. Chien Wen-Pin, artistic director at the Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, acted as guest conductor for the NTNU Symphony Orchestra and directed the performance by the NTNU Women's choir. "Messages" was performed during the first half of the event, followed by a rendition of "The Planets" by English composer Gustav Holst, whose seven movements are inspired by the seven planets of our solar system, leaving an indelible imprint that space has had on music.

Before the concert, a lively dialogue between the scientific and music communities was held outside the venue with an exhibit displaying NSPO's satellite parts. For its 30th anniversary, NSPO will continue its positive change, and also hopes to develop more cutting-edge satellites based on the technological foundation laid down by early-stage space plans, accumulated self-capabilities and previously established high-quality space teams. This will integrate various sectors in domestic industry and academia, establishing a strong space industry and having it become an integral part of the international chain.