Descriptions of Laboratory

NSPO Opto-Mechanical Lab has developed hyperspectral imager prototype that can provide various kinds of samples with a hyperspectral pushbroom imaging service. We would like to discuss the cooperation with the related industry, academics and research institutions, which need the service of hyperspectral applications.

Test Facility

Hyperspectral Imager Prototype

Service Scope

Hyperspectral pushbroom imaging service is available for all kinds of samples.

Facility Specifications

The test facility consists of a hyperspectral imager with the spectral range of 400 to 1700 nm, a high precision controlled pushbroom platform, and an adjustable-irradiance source with a continuous spectrum, etc.

Service Performance

The applications of Hyper-Spectral Instrument cover all kinds of fields, such as remote sensing, vegetation classifications, biomedical examinations, optoelectronic industry, forensic science, .etc. The Hyper-Spectral data are now available at and users can also use the cloud-computing power without downloading the data.

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