Facility Description

The calibration laboratory of the Quality Assurance Division of NSPO, provides electricity calibration services.

Test Facilities

• Fluke 5700A
• Keithley DMM 7510
• Fluke 5522A
• HP 3458A

Service Scope

FK1001 DC Voltage, KF1002 DC Current, FK1011 AC Voltage, KF1012AC Current, KF3001 Resistance. Calibration Range and Minimal Uncertainties are addressed on TAF website.

Facility Specifications

  Fluke 5700A (Specifications listed on Fluke Website)

  Keithley DMM 7510 (Specifications listed on Keithley WebSite)

  Fluke 5522A (Specifications listed on Fluke)

  HP 3458A (Specifications listed on Agilent Website)


• NSPO-DPI-9002
• NSPO-DPI-9102-10
• NSPO-DPI-9102-11

Service Performance

• Internal Customers:
Fluke Multi-Functional Meters (Fluke289, Fluke233, Fluke187, Fluke177, Fluke87, Fluke75, Fluke45), Keithley Multi-Functional Meters(Keithley7510, Keithley2700, Keithley2000), HP Multi-Functional Meters(HP3458A, HP34401), Agilent Multi-Functional Meters(Agilent 34401, AgilentU1252B, HIOKI Multi-Functional Meters(HIOKIBT3562), GW Multi-Functional Meters(GWGDM8251), Agilent Power Supplies(Agilent E3634A, Agilent E3649A, Agilent E3648A, Agilent E4350B, Agilent 6032A), GWInstek Power Supplies(GW-INSTEK GPD-3303S, GW-INSTEK GPD-4303S), Motech Power Supplies(Motech LPS505N, Motech PPS-2017), Topward Power Supplies(Topward 6303D), HP Power Supplies(Hp-6624).
• External Customers:
Sound and vibration interface cards NI-4431

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