Facility Description

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a high accuracy electromechanical machines that typically used for dimensional and tolerance verification measurement.
Our CMM may provide the manufacture and the rigging position examination conforms to demand of the design deviation or the tolerance error reaches the satellite payload machinery to install the calibration the goal.

Test Facility

Coordinate Measuring Machine system

Service Scope

Size and common difference confirmation survey

Facility Specifications

• Measuring Range in mm: X = 3,000 Y = 2,000 Z = 1,600
• Permitted table load max: 8,000 kg
• Resolution: ≦4.0μm, under 700mm travel distance.
• Probe Err P: ≦2.0μm
• Probing Force: 0.1~1.2 N

Service Performance

FORMOSAT-5 Remote Sensing Instrument primary mirror and the inferior mirror machinery installations the position calibration.

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