Facility Description

NSPO is committed to satellite-related product testing, with advanced complete Acoustic test energy, in line with a variety of noise standards.
Sound test Facility to simulate the test elements in the launch process, the rocket sound caused by the vibration of the environment to verify that the test components to withstand the sound after the function is still normal operation, the structure of the design, analysis are in line with the sound shock demand.
During the test, the evaporator first gasified the liquid nitrogen, and the gaseous nitrogen was used as the noise source. The flow rate of the nitrogen was controlled by the control device. The noise generator was used to convert the kinetic energy into the acoustic shock wave, and the sound shock wave was introduced into the chamber to test the element.

Test Facility

Reverberant Acoustic Chamber

Service Scope

Acoustic Test

Facility Specifications

Facility Specification

  Inside The ChamberSpace

6.25m(L)X 5m(W) X 8.4m(H)

  Operating Frequency Range

50Hz ~ 10,000Hz

  Total Noise Level



• MIL-STD-1540
• SMC-S-016
• ECSS-E-ST-10-03C

Service Performance

FORMOSAT-1, FORMOSAT-2, FORMOSAT-3, FORMOSAT-5 Environmental Noise Vibration Test.

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