TAO on COSMIC Science Radio Occultation Science 科學團隊論文目錄

A Special Issue in TAO on COSMIC Science, 2000

  1. COSMIC: Geodetic Applications in Improving Earth’s Gravity Model -- Benjamin Chao, E.C. Pavilis, C.W. Hwang, C.C. Liu, C.K. Shum, C.L. Tseng , M. Yang
  2. Modeling and Ground Base Studies of Ionosphere Related to COSMIC Project -- Jann-Yenq Liu, Y.H. Chu, M.Q. Chen, L.C. Tsai, and C.M. Huang
  3. Tomographic Study of the Seasonal Variations of the Equatorial Anomaly in the Asian Sector—W.H. Tsai, L. F. Huang, M. F. Chen, and C.H. Liu
  4. The Causes and Effects of Adverse Space Weather –J.K. Chao and Lou C. Lee
  5. Atmospheric Studies with the Tri-Band Beacon Instrument on the COSMIC Constellation –Paul a. Bernhardt, Craig A. Selcher, Santi Basu, Gary Bust, and Steven C. Reising
  6. The Tiny Ionospheric Photometer: An Instrument for Measuring Ionospheric Gradients for the COSMIC Constellation -- K.F. Dymond, J.B. Nee, and R.J. Thomas
  7. COSMIC GPS Ionospheric Sensing and Space Weather -- George Hajj, Lou C. Lee, X. Pi, L.J. Romans, W.S. Schreiner, P.R. Straus, and C. Wang
  8. Weather and Climate Research in Taiwan: Potential Application of GPS/MET Data—CC Wu, HC Kuo
  9. The Application of COSMIC Data to Global Change Research -- Stephen S. Leroy, Gerald R. North
  10. Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Data for Numerical Weather Prediction -- Y-H Kuo, S. Sokolovskiy, R.A. Anthes, and Vandenberghe
  11. Application of COSMIC to Meteorology and Climate -- Richard A. Anthes, C. Rocken, Y-H Kuo
  12. The GPS Radio Occultation Technique -- Robert Kursinski, G.A. Hajj, S.S. Leroy, and B. Herman
  13. COSMIC System Description –C. Rocken, Y-H Kuo, S. Sokolovskiy, K. Brock, W. Hunt, Chris McCormick
  14. History of GPS Sounding – Thomas P. Yunck, Chao-Han Liu, Richard Ware