Workshop Highlights

December 5, 2017 (Tuesday)
09:00 ~ 09:30Registration
09:30 ~ 09:40

Opening Remark
Kuang-Chong Wu (吳光鐘)
Director General, NSPO

Vice President, National Applied Research Laboratories

Keynote Speech  

Cheng- Hao Ko/ An-Ming Wu (主持人: 柯正浩/吳岸明 )
09:40~ 10:10 Development of Synthetic Aperture Radar on Board Aircraft and Microsatellite for Disaster Monitoring
Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Ph.D.
Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba University, Japan
10:10 ~ 10:40 Uses and Demand for Satellite Imagery and Proposed Plan for Future Remote Sensing Systems: The Case of Vietnam
Chu Hai Tung , Ph.D.
Deputy Director
National Remote Sensing Department
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
10:40 ~ 11:00Coffee Break / Group Photo
11:00 ~ 11:30 Satellite Formation Flying Control Approaches and Algorithms Dr. Danil Ivanov
Senior Researcher
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (KIAM)
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
11:30 ~ 12:00 Thailand's Perspective on Space 2030: Space for Security - Prosperity - Sustainability
Dr. Anond Snidvongs
Executive Director
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency
12:00 ~ 12:45Lunch
12:45 ~ 13:00FORMOSAT-5 Program Achievements
Dr. Ho-Pen Chang (張和本計畫主持人)

Sessions 1 : Remote sensing satellite
Yang-Lang Chang / Shui-Lin Weng (主持人: 張陽郎/翁瑞麟)

13:00 ~ 13:15

4D Image SaaS Application
Wei-Chen,HSU (徐偉城)

13:15 ~ 13:30

Integrated Automatic Multi Sensor Geocoded Processing System

Fu-An Tsai (蔡富安)
13:30 ~ 13:45

The Alignment of A TMA Telescope

Shenq-Tsong Chang  (張勝聰)
13:45 ~ 14:00

Landcover Interpretation by Difference Features in Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images.
Chia-Hao Chang (張家豪)

14:00 ~ 14:15

The Development Progress of the Spaceborne SAR Antenna

I-Young Tarn  (譚怡陽)
14:15~ 14:45Coffee Break
Sessions 2 : Advanced Technology development
Timmy Huang / Jih-Run Tsai (主持人: 黃鼎名/蔡志然)
14:45 ~ 15:00Introduction to Numerical Image Reconstruction by Digital Holography
Jih-Run Tsai (蔡志然)
15:00 ~ 15:15CubeSat Constellations for Taiwan Monitoring
Albert Lin (林信嘉)
15:15~ 15:30Small Satellite Program Development Strategy and Current Status
Chia-Ray Chen (陳嘉瑞)
15:30~ 15:45Hierarchical SAR Image Feature-based Framework for Marine Target Detection
Yang-Lang Chang (張陽郎)
15:45~ 16:00Design of Miniaturized Star Tracker
Kuo-Chang Han (韓國璋)
16:00~ 16:20Wrap-up
PS-01Cross Platform Satellite Operation Control System A total solution of Taiwan satellite operation software
Kun-Lin Chen, Chia-Hung Tsai, Dorian Lin, Yi-Yun Wu
(陳坤林, 蔡嘉鴻, 林俊寬, 吳宜芸)
PS-02Web Interactive Telemetry Display System a flexible solution of bringing satellite data to your devices easy and secure
YHsiu-Ching Cheng, Kun-Lin Chen, Chia-Hung Tsai, Yi-Yun Wu
(鄭秀青, 陳坤林, 蔡嘉鴻, 吳宜芸)
PS-03The Development of Couple Ring Type Thermo-Refocusing Mechanism
Wei-Chuan Wu, Po-Yuan Tung, Meng-Hoa Chen, Jen-Chueh Kuo
(吳偉銓, 童柏源, 陳孟壕, 郭人爵)
PS-04Antenna Deployment Mechanism for SAR Satellite
Po-Yuan Tung
PS-05Mission Operations Planning and Scheduling System The Soul of satellite mission operation
(任務操作之規劃排程系統 衛星任務操作的靈魂)
Kevin Chang, Jeff Chang, Jason Lin, Jeff Li
(張聖裕, 張明祥, 林建成, 李肇勤)
PS-06NSPO Trending System (N-Trend)
Marty Pong, James Wang
(彭錦益, 王千萬)
PS-07NACS Accelerometer Calibration System
Lai, Chih-Hao, Pon, Jar-Chen
(賴志豪, 彭家誠)
PS-08The Application of Solar Array Deployment Mechanism with Vibration Reduction System
Tung, Po-Yuan, Hung, Heng-Chuan, Kuo, Jen-Chueh
(童柏源, 洪珩瑑, 郭人爵)
Szu-Hsien Yu, Shoiu-Li Chen, Meng-Hao Chen, Chia-Ray Chen, Ming-Hwang Shie
(余思嫻, 陳秀莉, 陳孟壕, 陳嘉瑞, 徐銘煌)
PS-10Development of Thermal Control Device for High Power Amplifier
Meng-Hao Chen, Szu-Hsien Yu, Jeng-Der Huang, Ming-Hwang Shie, Chia-Ray Chen
(陳孟壕, 余思嫻, 黃正德,徐銘煌,陳嘉瑞)
PS-11Design and FPGA Implementation of a CCSDS Compliant Data Compression System For Remote Sensing ImagesYu-Wei Cheng, Jun-Han Chang, Yin-Tsung Hwng
PS-12System Integration Testing and Verification for the Experimental Model of Atmospheric Geo-stationary Platform
Yeh Ming-Yuan, Yang Chung-Lin, Ling Jer
PS-13Development of Micro-Propulsion System In NSPOTien-Chuan Kuo, Jhe-Wei Lin, Wei-Kang Chen, Kun-Chang Tseng
PS-14The Preliminary Investigation of FORMOSAT-2 Imagery Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional NetworksKuo-Hsien Hsu, Yun-Shan Lee, Cynthia Liu
PS-15Performance and Flight Test Results of Self-Designed Air-Borne Duel-Camera Hsi Imager by Ntust and NSPOCheng- Hao Ko, Jih-Run Tsai ,Bang-Ji Wang, Shin-Fa Lin
(柯正浩, 蔡志然, 王邦吉, 林新發)
PS-16Image De-NoiseTechnique Demonstrated by FORMOSAT-5 ImageCynthia S. J. Liu, Yu-Lin Tsai, Kuo-Hsien Hsu, Yang-Chan Tseng
PS-17Research and Development of Assemblage Multi-Spectral FilterPo-Hsuan Huang, Yi-Kai Huang, Jer Ling
PS-18Development of a CubeSat for in-Flight Aircraft MonitoringWen-Chi Lu, Huan Jung Lin, Wen Chung Liu, Yu-Kai Chen
PS-19 高活性過氧化氫觸媒材料開發 李峻廷, 劉修任, 白志剛, 郭添全
PS-20 3D harness design and implementation flow for satellite
Way-Jin Chen, Chih-Hui Yeh, Chun-Chi Cheng
(陳維鈞, 葉志輝, 鄭竣吉)
PS-21 Project Easar as a possible contribution to the sustainable development of the Asia-Pacific Alliance Elena V. Petrakova, Huai-Chien Chang, Roland A. Gabrielli
PS-22 前瞻綠色推進器試驗 蘇右汶, 廖英皓, 吳明仁, 楊忠霖
PS-23 A Thermalization Design and Analysis for Spaceborn Remote Sesing Instruments in Large Temperature Variation Chia-Yen Chan, Roger Lien, Shenq-Tsong Chang, Ting-Ming Huang、Ming-Fu Chen
PS-24 一個新穎的衛星海面影像船隻異常行為之自適應偵測系統 范欽雄, 吳孟倫, 黃博彥, 葉銘源,林喆
PS-25 太空天氣對Formosat-2及Formosat-3異常事件之分析 沈涵文、許志浤、李宗平