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2011/11/11Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of NSPO
2011/10/26"Next Stop, Space" - NSPO Participates in Exhibition on "2011 Science Season: Technologies of Future"
2011/10/03NSPO Participated in ACRS 2011
2011/09/26FORMOSAT-5 Program Satellite AIT Kickoff Meeting
2011/09/24NSPO Provided Reports on NASA UARS Reentry
2011/09/19FORMOSAT-2 imagery support typhoon disaster relief in Japan
2011/08/10FORMOSAT-5 Kicked off the Indigenous Component Testing
2011/07/29NSPO Successfully Conducted UFFO Instrument Environmental Tests
2011/07/25NSPO Awarded the Certifications of ISO9001, ISO27001, and ISO14001
2011/07/04Space Environmental Test Technologies and Applications Workshop
2011/05/31Successful Flight of Experimental Hybrid Rocket
2011/05/16AMS-02 Boosts NSPO into Higher Orbits
2011/04/27Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) visited NSPO
2011/04/15Celebration of the Fifth Anniversary of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Launch
2011/04/13The Fifth FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC Data Users Workshop and International Conference on GPS Radio Occultation 2011
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