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2012/10/05Somewhere in the Sky - Taiwan's Space Program Reported by Taiwan Review
2012/09/06FORMOSAT-7 Spacecraft Bus Contract Kick-Off Ceremony
2012/07/09Space Environmental Test Technologies and Applications Workshop
2012/07/05AMS-2 Expert Talks at NSPO
2012/06/19The Space Ops, 2012: Exhibiting Taiwan Domestic developed satellite control systems
2012/06/12FORMOSAT-5 kicked off Remote Sensing Instrument AIT Tasks
2012/04/30NSPO Issued RFP for FORMOSAT-7 Spacecraft Procurement
2012/04/05NSPO Received Solar Generator & Omni-Direction Sun Sensors of FORMOSAT-5
2012/04/05NSPO Received Structure Top Panel of FORMOSAT-5
2012/02/24FORMOSAT-5 Remote Sensing Images Users Conference
2011/12/07NSPO Participated in 2011 AGU Fall Meeting
2011/12/06NSPO Received the Certificate of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for EMC and Antenna Test Lab
2011/12/05Conference on the Critical Technology for Optical Remote Sensing Satellite
2011/11/18NASA Presented Certification of Appreciation on AMS-02 to NSPO
2011/11/17Assembly Readiness for FORMOSAT-5 RSI Structure Test Model
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