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2004/06/15The National Space Organization (NSPO) of National Applied Research Laboratories Received ISO9001: 2000 Certification
2004/06/08The FORMOSAT-2 Remote Sensing Images Successfully Processed
2004/05/21FORMOSAT-2 made successful contact with Taiwan Ground Station
2004/05/21FORMOSAT-2 made successful contact with Kiruna Ground Station
2004/05/07Shipment of FORMOSAT-3 Hardware Received
2004/04/08FORMOSAT-2 Image Application Promotion Collaborative Agreement Signing Ceremony
2004/02/05Completion of FORMOSAT-2 Ground Calibration Facility Inspection
2004/01/28The Fifth Anniversary of FORMOSAT-1 Operation in Space
2003/12/11Certification and Award to FORMOSAT-2 Taiwan Component Manufacturers
2003/12/08FORMOSAT-2 is the alternative name for ROCSAT-2
2003/06/12FORMOSAT-2 Successfully Developed the Image Processing System
2003/03/20FORMOSAT-1 , Mission Accomplished
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