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2005/12/20FORMOSAT-3 being transported to the launch site for launch procedure
2005/12/06""UrMap" Delivered 2 Ur Home"
2005/11/07The virtual travel-- Fly-trough over Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
2005/10/07Progress of FORMOSAT-3 Science Teams
2005/05/201st Anniversary of FORMOSAT-2 Launch
2005/04/01Since April 1, 2005, the name National Space Program Office has been changed to National SPace Organization
2005/01/28The Natural Color Image of the Taiwan Region from FORMOSAT-2
2005/01/10A Look at NSPO's New Chief Scientist, Cheng Chio Zong (Frank), PhD
2005/01/04Report on Satellite Imagery Analysis of the Earthquake in South Asia
2004/12/14Scientific Experiment of Sounding Rocket - 4
2004/09/23「 Eyes from Above - The New Era 」 Press Conference
2004/08/27Successful Application of the FORMOSAT-2's Remote Sensing Images - Investigation of Mud Flow Damages in Wu Feng Township
2004/07/07First Sprite Images Recorded from Space by FORMOSAT-2
2004/07/05Images from FORMOSAT-2- Aftermath of Typhoon Mindulle
2004/06/18The ROCSAT-1's Honorable Retirement
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