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2017/07/11Launch Announcement for FORMOSAT-5
2016/08/19FORMOSAT-2 Decommissioning after 12-year Services
2016/03/0910th Launch Anniversary of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and 3rd ICGPSRO 2016
2015/11/16AIT Director Moy Visited NSPO
2015/11/16NARLabs' Truly Radiation-Hardened Fiber Light Sources Product Received the Distinguished 2015 R&D 100 Award
2015/05/12FORMOSAT-5 CMOS RSI Delivery
2015/01/29AIP Science Payload on-board FORMOSAT-5
2014/11/20Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2014
2014/10/09Successful Launch of SR-10 Science Experiment
2014/05/21NSPO Celebrated FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary of Operations
2014/03/27Sounding Rocket 9 Science Experiment - Space Ionosphere Irregularity Research
2014/02/25Flight into the Space - Development of the First Space-grade GPS Receiver in Taiwan
2014/02/24Call for Proposal: Free FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Imagery.
2013/12/17NSPO Participated in AGU 2013
2013/10/20NSPO Participated in ACRS 2013- a feast of knowledge in Remote Sensing
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