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Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2014

NSPO 2014/11/20

The Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop 2014 (RSSTW 2014) was held by National Space organization of National Applied Research Laboratories on November 20 at international conference hall of National Nano Device Laboratories. The purpose of RSSTW aims to focus on advancement of design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, and test for the remote sensing satellite and to open a joint discussion platform for development collaborations and experience exchanges among academic, industrial, and research communities.

The workshop received 15 papers which cover state-of-the-art technologies related to spacecraft bus and remote sensing payload development. Over 100 participants from various universities and research institutions joined this workshop and meeting was smoothly conducted after an opening remark given by Dr. Shiann-Jeng Yu, Deputy Director General of NSPO. In addition to 15 papers presented which are resulted from a joint effort between NSPO as well as ITRC and local research institutes, three well-known space-related keynote speakers from abroad were invited. They are Dr. Alfred Ng from Canadian Space Agency, Canada, Dr. Julius Shu retired from USA, and Prof. Haridwar Singh from High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, India. One day of meeting certainly shall make a positive impact on the field of remote sensing R&D in Taiwan.