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NSPO Celebrated FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary of Operations

NSPO 2014/05/21

NSPO hosted the FORMOSAT-2 10th Anniversary Conference in Taipei on May 21st 2014 to celebrate FORMOSAT-2's 10-year in-orbit operations. Dr. Ching-Hua Lo, the President of NARLabs, delivered his welcome remark to congratulate the FORMOSAT-2 10-year operations. Dr. Chung-Liang Chien, Deputy Minister of MOST, summarized the accomplishments of FORMOSAT-2 contributed the government needs and global supports of disaster relief and environmental monitoring for past decade. Dr. Chao-Han Liu and Dr. Lou-Chuang Lee, Academicians of Academia Sinica, addressed the history of FORMOSAT-2 development. Mr. Herve Lambert, former PM of FORMOSAT-2 of Airbus Defence and Space, delivered his memory of working with NSPO's team. With the theme of global humanitarian support of FORMOSAT-2, the representatives of distinguished guests of Mrs. Einar Bjorgo, Takehisa Chiba, and Zachary Tse from UNITAR-UNOSAT, Sentinel Asia of JAXA, and Tzu Chi Foundation respectively, were participating to present the FORMOSAT-2's imagery beneficial to their works of disaster relief.

FORMOSAT-2 is the second satellite program of Taiwan initiated and developed by National Space Organization (NSPO). FORMOSAT-2 is a high-resolution electric-optical (EO) type remote sensing satellite with a secondary scientific payload to observe the natural upward lighting discharge phenomenon. FORMOSAT-2 was successfully launched on May 21, 2004. With ground resolution of up to 2 meters, images taken by FORMOSAT-2 not only fulfilling Taiwan civilian needs but are also being distributed to international users for specific applications. FORMOSAT-2 operates in a sun-synchronous orbit with revisit time equal to one day. The unique feature of this daily revisit capability is significantly useful for post disaster assessment and environmental monitoring. With design life of 5 years, FORMOSAT-2 is double its lifetime in orbit.

NSPO took this opportunity to deeply appreciate the colleagues and partners who contributed to the FORMOSAT-2 10-year operations, including the domestic and global users, the colleagues of domestic distribution centers, international partners, and NSPO's teams of mission operations, image processing, and spacecraft engineering. FORMOSAT-2 couldn't be continuously operated beyond a decade without out their enthusiastic support and team work.