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The primary objective of the International Conference on GPS Radio Occultation (ICGPSRO) is to promote and appeal more GPS RO applications to the meteorology, climate, and space weather scientists and the related research and application community. The 1st ICGPSRO has been inaugurated and successfully conducted in 2011, the ICGPSRO is intended to be held every two years in Taiwan in parallel with the continuing FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC and the upcoming FORMOSAT-7 / COSMIC-2 Data Users Workshop.
FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC is a joint Taiwan/ U.S. science mission for weather, climate, space weather and geodetic research. The FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC mission was successfully launched on 15 April 2006. The GPS-RO data have already demonstrated their value for operational weather forecasting, hurricane forecasting, and investigations of the atmospheric boundary layer. The GPS RO data also have the potential to be of great benefit with unprecedented accuracy to climate studies due to their demonstrated high precision and global and diurnal sampling coverage. The data have been used extensively to test ionospheric models and their use in operational space weather models is under development. Currently FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC is providing ~ 1600 daily RO profiles in the neutral atmosphere, ~1300 daily electron density profiles even after near 7 years performance in orbit. Both CDAAC (COSMIC Data Analysis and Archival Center ) in the U.S. and TACC (Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC) in Taiwan have been processing the GPS RO data in near real time, and > 90 percent of RO profiles are delivered to operational weather centers within 3 hours of observation. The value of utilizing the FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC GPS RO data have been demonstrated to be eminent among the weather and space weather communities. In viewing the potential greater societal impacts and continuing the supply of the critical RO data, NSPO and NOAA along with many other key U.S. agencies have jointly implemented a greater RO constellation, FOMOSAT-7 / COSMIC-2, a high-reliability next generation follow-on system to replace the degrading performance of the FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC satellite constellation system.
The 2nd ICGPSRO will be held to continue the ICGPSRO Objectives discussion to update the performance of the FORMOSAT-3 / COSMIC and the significant progress of the FORMOSAT-7 / COSMIC-2 program implementation. In addition, the 2nd ICGPSRO will be held in a joint forum with the 2013 Taiwan Geoscience Assembly (TGA) to interchange and communicate the common interests of the RO data application and its impacts. The 2013 TGA, http://tga.cgu.org.tw/Default.aspx , will be held during the week of May 13 ~ 17, 2013 at the Aspire Resort in Tao-Yuan County, Taiwan. The 2nd ICGPSRO has been planned to be held at the same venue with the 2013 TGA between May 14 and May 16, 2013. The worldwide RO interested researchers, operators, and system providers are encouraged warmly welcome to join the 2nd ICGPSRO in Taiwan.